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Winter Wonderland

The snow is never-ending right now. This week was the first glimpse of the blacktop I had seen in weeks, only to be immediately covered yet again with more snow. Nevertheless, I am really tired of wearing flats and braved the slippery sidewalks in my heels (spare boots in the car for emergencies of course :))
Aside from being fed up with flats, I am entirely over coats right now too. Bet you couldn’t guess that this Southern gal does not like Northern winters? Anyway, I also braved the day without a coat, because I couldn’t bear to cover up this adorable outfit with a heavy duty and ultra-boring black coat. Speaking of bear, I love animal print (shocking huh?)! Cheetah, snakeskin, alligator, cow…you name it, I want it (as long as it’s fake of course!!) and I found this vest in the back of my closet.  This vest is so perfect you can pair it with a basic black skirt, or some jeans and you’re practically out the door.
For good measure, I added a statement lip from Kat Von D’s Liquid Lipstick collection (they are AH-MAZING) and this DIY Clutch which I made over the weekend (DIY blog coming soon!).  
PS. There’s nothing like writing a blog to point out the fact that you need you hair colored, your nails done and some self-tanner STAT! Is it summer yet?
Outfit Details
Vest; Forever 21
Sweater; J Crew – similar here
Skirt; J Crew
Shoes; Forever 21 – similar here and here
Watch; Michael Kors
Clutch; Made by Me! – similar options here and here
Earring; J Crew

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