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Please tell me I’m not the only one who has their phone in their hand during all hours of the day? No, I’m not on social media all day long, but I do rely on my phone for just about everything. Text, directions, internet, the calculator, recipes, emails, phone calls, a thousand and one parenting apps lol. Like literally – everything! If I’m being honest, I don’t know how we survived before iPhones and androids and whatever other mobile devices there are.

Matter of fact, long gone are the days of going to music stores or places like Target to browse the CD (or cassette – I remember those days too) aisle for that new album you HAD.TO.HAVE. On a side note, does anyone remember their very first cassette or CD? My very first cassette was Celine Dion, because let’s face it – she’s boss and my very first CD was Spice Girls – HOLA! I remember this one time I wanted a Backstreet Boys CD SO BAD that I took all the money out of my piggy bank, walked my happy ass up in K-Mart and paid for the entire CD ($13.89 after tax) with change. Yea, the cashier was not pleased, but that CD was everything 🙂 Until it scratched…

Anyway, now days I stream all the music I need through an app. And while you may be over in your corner of the internet world streaming on Spotify or Apple Music, I’m all like – “hey, my app’s better than yours!”

Yep, I said it. I guarantee my app for streaming music is better than yours. Want to know why? Because not only can I stream music, but I can read an unlimited number of magazines (which is such a guilty pleasure of mine) AND every time I listen to a song via my app, a charitable donation is made 🙂 Soooo, that’s music + magazines + charitable, which definitely makes my app better than yours!

But don’t worry, I’m willing to share this holy grail of apps with all of you. And because I love y’all, you also get 2 free months to try it out (seriously, you don’t even need a credit card to do the trial – it’s completely risk free!). Is curiosity killing the cat yet? I figured so. So let’s just let the cat out of the bag. The app is WEYV and I use it pretty much all the time, because like I said before – I’m on my phone all the time lol. 

I personally love that up to 25 people can be on one plan, because let’s face it – not all families come in packages of four and unlike some of the other apps out there, this one has various different subscriptions and plans to fit lots of lifestyles and budgets.

So are you hooked yet? Are you dying to go try it out?! Click here to learn more about it, and don’t forget to use code MAKEWEYVS18 for your 2 free months.

**Thank you Weyv for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!


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