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Thursday Thoughts

Well aside from the fact that I’m currently sitting here thinking that I’m starving (for real though!), my brain has been going about a hundred miles a minute over the last couple of days. I go through these phases, where I’m pretty chill and nothing seems to phase me and then I have 18,000 creative ideas, all of which must be implemented at that exact moment. These ideas are always followed by a 1000 questions (none of which are important) that must be answered immediately and before I know it, it’s 2 am and I’m wide awake, listening to my husband snore, wishing I could just flip a switch, and turn off my brain.

Please tell me I’m not the only one!?

Case in point – what started as a simple google search of ‘best purple shampoo’, ended with me discovering that I’ve been using it wrong all these years. This then led me to searching various other hair secrets I might not know of, which led me to a research study on the connection between old plumping/pipes, copper and hair loss. This then led to me researching water filters for my shower head, which led me to wanting a brass shower head instead of the chrome one I currently have. This led to me planning a hypothetical future bathroom (picking tiles and wall paint colors), which led me to researching houses to buy to which I could insert previous planned bathroom. After picking a house, this led me to researching how much it would cost to paint the outside of a house because the house I picked (mind you a house I’m not going to buy!) needs a fresh coat of paint on the outside…and maybe a little lawn work if I’m being honest. 

You all – these are the moments where I feel like I’m going crazy! I mean, talk about 6 degrees of separation! 

And this is just one rabbit hole. In the last couple days, I’ve wanted to open a clothing store, start a photography business, write a book, and change my hair color – all which were met with a considerable amount of time researching, rabbit hole after rabbit hole, and none of these will come to fruition.

I guess my point here is that even though I drive myself crazy when I get in these moods (yes Joe, I know it’s driving you crazy too!) it’s always good to keep dreaming, challenging yourself, and learning. Although my brain is filled with an endless amount of random knowledge (hello, local bar trivia nights!), it’s also the same wheels that inspired me to move to Chicago, and to start this blog, both of which are decisions I’ll forever be grateful I made. And if you’re curious, I often refer to my brain as the ‘wheels’, as in ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’. It’s my way of saying my brain is always going round and round. 🙂

So anyway – keep dreaming ladies! Be yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself. Be comfortable being unique. Be inspired by everything. Google the sh*t  out of everything. And here’s to hoping we’re never sitting in a police station being asked about our Google search history 🙂

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