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Surprise, Surprise – More Pearls

Pearl Top (Small) | Tulle Skirt (Size 4) | Velvet Tie Heels (Size 5.5) | Bangle Bracelet (Sold Out – Similar Here) | Blush Pink Cross Body (Old – New Style Here) | Tie Bracelets (Layering Gold & Rose Gold)| YSL Lipstick (Color: 09)

Surprise y’all – it’s more pearls, ha! If you caught my last blog post then you know my obsession with small little white beads, or beautiful elegant little pearls as I like to call them, is real. I have a few tops and a lovely pair of sneakers with pearls on them, and I just saw one of my favorite bloggers sporting a pair of pearl jeans (STOP.EVERYTHING.). So it’s no surprise that I would feature two posts back to back with similar tops. I just couldn’t resist!

In other news, if you saw my Instagram story today, then you know I got into a fight with a stationary bike and the bike won, leaving me with a very sore and bruised nose. Maybe it’s my fault for storing both a dog cage AND a stationary bike in my closest (don’t ask), but nevertheless – I’m not feeling my best right now and pearls make everything better! Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m giving up coffee for Lent (well that and holding grudges!) and I got a head start by giving up coffee yesterday. So maybe the lack of caffeine is to blame. 

Whatever the reason, I can tell you that I still have a headache and I’m wiped from no coffee – so this is all you get today 🙂

Happy Tuesday loves!


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