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Stylish Sweater

Zaful Sweater C/O (size: one size) | Madewell Jeans (size: 26) | Danielle Earrings | Robinson Tote Bag | Lip: Fight Free Red-icals | Blush Booties (size: 5.5 & current on sale for $30!)

One of my favorite things to wear are sweaters. They’re effortless, comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. I have the most absurd amount of sweaters, but Joe is always shrinking them in the wash so every time he shrinks one, I get to buy two more 🙂 When I do the laundry, I set them aside to wash them in bags or I’ll hand wash and I always lay them flat to dry. Nope, not Joe. He forgets they’re in there and throws them in the dryer, or worse he lays things out that doesn’t actually need to lay flat to dry, as the sweaters are tumbling in the dryer! I shouldn’t complain though, he’s willing to help out with house chores and really helps with the laundry, and for that I will always be grateful!

So it’s no surprise that when I saw this sweater, I had to have it! While I do love sweaters, they’re not always the most stylish because they always look the same. Nope, not this one! It stood out to me from a mile away (or through the computer screen!) because of the stark contrast between black and white, the ruffles on the sleeves and the gold zipper in the back is just perfect!

This outfit is a seamless weekend staple…comfy and casual, but still cute and I can chase Beckett around in it. Plus these little booties don’t hurt to walk around in for a few hours, which is always a bonus if we end up at a mall or a trip to Costco. I liked the extra touch of pink velvet to snaz up the look a little more and of course the red lip! A red lip will make any outfit look polished, except maybe pajamas. Pretty sure Joe would think I lost my mind coming to bed with a bright red lip! Talk about a bad idea with our white sheets?!!!

And the best part of this sweater is that’s it’s cheaper than most the other sweaters I own because it’s only $29! A good deal and a good sweater = touchdown! Yes, I just used a cheesy football pun given the Super Bowl is this weekend, but whatevs! If you’re still looking for some last minute, super easy recipes you can make for your Super Bowl party though, be sure to check out this post!


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