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It’s no surprise that I love shopping, but after starting this blog, I feel like my shopping has kicked into overdrive. I’m not always purchasing, but I do spend a lot of time researching trends, checking out sales and generally just online window shopping. But for as much as I love online shopping, it isn’t without issues. 
Idk how many times I’ve decided against ordering something simply because I am too lazy to check out as a guest lol…those moments often occur when I am snuggled in bed, late at night with the pups and come hell or high water I am not leaving the comfort of this oasis to get my debit card. And don’t even get me started on trying to remember 18 different passwords for 18 different stores, simply so that information pre populates!
That’s why I started using Dote. Cute, clever and rhymes with one of my favorite purse styles, Dote makes it super simple to shop all your favorite stores, from the convenience of your phone and without the hassle of entering in shipping and payment info time and time again when you make purchases. Personally, I really love the ‘trends’ feature, because this helps me stay up to date with current trends, as well as easily shop items from hundreds of stores that fall under those trends! Take 4th of July for example…yes, that’s a current trend on Dote!! And one click of the button and I can shop Merica’ gear from tons of stores and have it delivered straight to my doorstep with the click of another button. 
Gotta love America..the country of convenience! 
But don’t take my word for it…take Dote for a spin by downloading the app here
And should you spy something with your little eye that you MUST-HAVE, then use code JESSICAL for $5 off your purchase! See some of the items I’m spying on Dote, by clicking right here (but you can only see this if you’re on your phone!)
Thanks for stopping by today!! 1. More. Day. People!!


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