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Nursery Reveal with Newton

Burts Bees Morning Glory Coverall
Nursery Reveal with Newton


Changing Table Essentials


Nursery Reveal with Newton


Changing Table Essentials
Minted Artwork for baby girl nursery


Nursery Reveal with Newton


Tufted crib & floral wallpaper for baby girl nursery
Nursery Reveal with Newton


Nursery Reveal with Newton


Burts Bees Morning Glory Coverall

Who knew putting together a nursery would be so challenging?!! When I first found out I was pregnant, I was torn on whether or not to even put together a nursery because the lease to our current place would end roughly 8 weeks after Beckett’s due date. Plus, I figured she would sleep in a bassinet by our bed during that time, so what was the point??

As the pregnancy progressed, I found myself wanting a nursery more and more – even if she never stepped foot in there. The idea that we would have a special place that was all hers was something that Joe and I rallied around and thus we embarked on putting together our perfect nursery.

Every decision we made was researched, researched again and then researched AGAIN! It’s tough as a first time parent to really ‘know’ what being a parent is like and what a baby truly needs. Do we actually need a diaper genie? Should we move our extra sofa to her room or buy a rocker? Why are there so many mattress options, and which one should we buy for the crib? Which color of white is the perfect white for the walls (but seriously…I was in the paint section of Home Depot for over an hour trying to pick the perfect shade of white). The list goes on and on…but after several months, so many hours spent planning, designing and shopping and the help of my in-laws – the nursery was super close to being finished.

We had the bones of the nursery done – the walls were painted, floral wallpaper put up, crib put together, etc. But for weeks on end, the crib remained without a mattress because I could not decide on that perfect option for our sweet little girl. Mattresses were either too heavy, too flimsy, not highly rated by previous customers, or REALLY expensive, until I stumbled upon Newton!

The Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress was the perfect mattress for our princess…it’s washable, because no matter how hard you try, your baby will spit-up, vomit, pee and maybe even poop in their bed. It’s firm (as all infant mattresses should be), but only weighs 11 pounds, which means even my measly arms can lift it in order to change the sheets, etc.  Its’ patented mattress is made of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer which allows babies to breathe through it reducing the risk of suffocation…and let’s face it…being a parent is stressful enough, so anything that can be done to reduce stress and worry is a plus in my book. The mattress is also made to last through Beckett’s toddler years, which means a sound investment that will last for several years and when she does outgrow her comfy new bed, the mattress is 100% recycle which makes it better for the environment! Starting to see why this is the PERFECT mattress?!

Fast forward several months, and Beckett LOVES her nursery!! She naps in her crib (momma isn’t ready for her to sleep in there overnight – although I’m pretty certain our independent little lady would prefer to sleep in there than her bassinet lol) which allows me time to get stuff done around the house – like writing blog posts!

And guess what else?!! You can score this Rolls Royce of baby mattresses for $30 off with code JLYNNA30!! Saving money and being safe when it comes to baby sleeping is the perfect match, don’t you think?!


Beckett’s TieDye OutfitBurt’s Bees

Unicorn Stuffed Head; Target

Bookcase/Changing Table; Ikea (old) – similar here

Gold Tray; World Market

Wall Art; Minted

Crib; Target

Crib Sheets; Burt’s Bees

Mattress; Newton

Floral Wallpaper; Target


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