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Life Happens, Pizza Helps

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Let’s just talk about pizza for a second. Hand’s down, it’s one of my favorite foods and is probably pretty high on the list of best foods ever (behind McDonalds French fries, ice cream and mashed potatoes of course). It’s one of those foods I could eat every single day, with pretty much any topping and I would enjoy it. Matter of fact, Joe and I just had some veggie pizza from Lou Malnati’s (Chicago classic!) on Friday and I wouldn’t be surprised if we order pizza again mid-weekish 🙂

Does that make us super unhealthy? Probably. But like my shirt says, life happens, pizza helps.

To work off some calories from a few too many slices of deep dish this weekend, Joe and I took Beckett to this playground down the street from where we live. She hated it. Or she hated the colder temperatures. We’re not really sure, but it was 44 degrees, so it felt like a heat wave to us. So we stayed long enough for me to quickly relive my childhood days by swinging, sliding and being silly.

Oh to be young and a child again? When you’re biggest concern is what Santa is bringing for Christmas and there are no bills, no jobs and no counting calories and pizza slices. Sometimes it’s okay to just be a kid every once in a while. Life isn’t so serious that we need to be in a constant state of stress (I’m preaching to myself too!).

So in an effort to really step back and enjoy life a little more, here are some tips to being a little more relaxed and carefree:

  1. Do something fun, everyday!

Not only did I swing at a playground for the first time in years this weekend, but I also played a Playstation video game for the first time in a Really. Long. Time. Maybe I’m a little bit nerdy, but Joe and I played a soccer game, and while I had no idea what I was doing, I laughed and loved every single minute of it.

  1. Be Yourself

What’s that quote from Dr. Suess?

“Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

There is nothing more exhausting then trying to be someone you’re not, or living in fear of not being yourself. Dance in public, sing when the urge hits, wear clothes however you damn well please. The lesson here is to be the version of yourself that is true to your core. And love every minute of it!

  1. Look at life through the eyes of a child

This is maybe a little easier if you actually have a child, but since Beckett was born it’s truly inspiring to see how she looks at the world. The dogs are her favorite things on earth. She laughs and plays with them constantly, and truly enjoys every second of being with them. As an adult, it’s sometimes hard to remember the love and joy of everything in life, like my child has. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, mundane activities (I need to let the dogs out, fill their water bowl, take them for a walk, etc.) instead of just truly enjoying their presence and the excitement and happiness they bring to our lives.

  1. Say no

Joe and I are both people pleasers. No matter how swamped, busy, or exhausted, the answer is always yes. And that is a constant struggle. Saying yes to everything and everyone not only stretches Joe and I to the absolute max, but it leaves us stressed out and too tired to enjoy anything. Remember, it’s okay to say no every once in a while. You don’t have to take part in every single plan, activity, work assignment, etc.

  1. Cry it out

Kids cry all the time. Literally, all the time! Last week, Becektt cried because I wouldn’t let her lick the dog. And then again because I wouldn’t let her stand in her carseat. And then again because I wouldn’t let her eat my phone. (Side note: maybe my child cries a lot?!??). Anyway, she cries for like 10 seconds, and then she’s on to the next activity where she laughs and squeals and has the time of her life. So I’m just going to start crying and not apologizing for it. Pregnancy made me super sensitive and now I cry all the time anyway. So instead of trying to hold it back, I’m just going to let it out!

  1. Eat what you want

Sure, I probably can’t live off ice cream and pizza, but it’s okay to indulge in some of things you love every once in a while. Everything in moderation!

Happy Monday loves!


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