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Going for Gold Shoes at Macys

Thank you to Macy’s for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinion and thoughts are my own!

If you’ve been following along with my blog since the beginning, then you know I have a slight obsession with shoes. Truthfully it doesn’t matter what kind of shoe because I will wear just about any shoe that exists (with the exception of thong flip flops which you will never see me wearing!). I’ve probably said this before, but I get my love of shoes from both my mom and my dad who each owned a different pair of shoes to go with any outfit! To me, I grew up thinking that was completely normal, and here were are – way too many shoes later 🙂

So it’s probably not surprising that I’m constantly shopping around for the cutest shoes to add to my closet. One of my favorite places to browse for shoes is Macy’s because they always have a great selection and lots of deals! I stumbled upon these Clarks Keesha Donna Mules not too long ago, and I totally took a trip down memory lane remembering how much I loved Clarks growing up for both their style and comfort. I mean seriously, the cushiony pad inside makes wearing them all day, everyday a breeze! I may or may not be wearing a pair right now too 🙂

My favorite thing about the Clarks brand is that you can pair any of their shoes with just about any look, which gives you so much versatility from an already perfect and affordable shoe brand!  I mean, there are few shoes in this world that I’d be willing to give up wearing all other shoes for…but Clarks are just comfortable and cute enough that I’d consider it. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a pair and you and your feet can thank me later!


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