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Fall Fashion

I’m not sure if I was blind last year, or if being a new parent put me in a bit of a haze, but I swear the trees were not this beautiful last Fall. The yellow and orange hues in mine and my neighbor’s yard are simply magical and it reminds me why I love the Fall season, even if the season in Chicago is SOOOO much different than Fall seasons growing up in Kentucky.

Growing up, I was pretty accustomed to warmer Fall days…usually somewhere in the upper 60s, lower 70s. Every once in a while, there was a day that cool enough for a coat or a day that called for summer attire, but for the most part the weather in Fall stayed pretty consistent. It was also my favorite time of year because I got to say good riddens to the 5000% humidity of the summer…and the mosquitos.

Fall here in Chicago is quite a bit different. Last week we had some days in the 30s..and some in the 80s. I mean, really Mother Nature?! That’s a 50 degree differential! Then we topped that weather roller-coaster off with a mere high of 52 this past weekend. So rest assured, all Fall I’m dressed like someone who put together their outfit in the dark, because I can never figure out the weather long enough to be dressed accurately for the temperatures.

Anyway, if you can look past the fact that this raspberry dress and booties may have been a little chilly for the weather this weekend, you will see the most beautiful Fall color that is a must have in your seasonal wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of season shades, meaning for Fall you will see me in a lot of berry shades, yellows and oranges. This winter, I’ll start gravitating toward reds and greens. At the heart of it all, I’m just meant to be the person who dresses for each holiday and season literally. It’s just who I am 🙂 So if Fall trees are yellow, orange and berry shades, well then I have to dress like the trees. 

Fun fact…growing up, my mom and I had matching vests for every holiday! They were reversible and each vest had two holidays on it. I mean, if that isn’t cool then I don’t know what is?! Side note, I wonder if I can find something similar for Beckett and I?!!! #SheIsGoingToHateMe

Back to this dress…I love the swing component to it because it makes it really comfortable, but you could easily belt this for a more structured look. You could also pair it with tights, or OTK boots to warm it up a bit, or you could layer with a long blazer or a coat for added warmth. And the best part is that this dress is only $10 and comes in two other colors (if dressing like trees isn’t your thing).

So with all this talk about Fall, it reminds me that I procrastinated buying Beckett’s Halloween costume and now Pottery Barn Kids is sold out of the one I was going to order her. #MomFail. Anyone have any recommendations for cute toddler Halloween costumes? Share below, or shoot me a message to my email!

Raspberry Dress | Taupe Booties | Old Navy Hat (0ld) – similar here and here | Leopard Clutch | Anthropologie Necklace (old) – similar here and here | Kat Von D Lipstick | Milani Lipstick | Similar Cuff Bracelet  


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