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Comfortably Uncomfortable

Just when I thought Fall was upon us, Summer comes and slaps us with a roller coaster of hot days/weeks sandwiched in between cool Fall days/weeks. I mean talk about comfortably uncomfortable?! I dressed in pants, a sweater and a blazer the other day without even checking the weather, and found myself wishing I was in this outfit instead. Oh this outfit…it’s another one that makes me comfortably uncomfortable and puts me outside my comfort zone. 

You guys probably notice, but I don’t wear a whole lot of shorts. If I’m being honest, I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my thighs. I grew up a competitive gymnast and thus at the age of 8, my thighs were super strong and muscular. Years later I stopped competing, the muscle in my thighs slowly disappeared, I grew a little taller and a little thinner and left on my thighs like trophies of my gymnast days were so many stretch marks. The kind of stretch marks that can’t be hidden no matter what length shorts I’m wearing, and the kind that get worse in summer because my legs tan and the stretch marks don’t. Uff. I’ll be honest, it’s just not something I’m ever super excited to expose so I don’t wear a lot of shorts.

Buy ANYway, these shorts were too cute to pass up on, regardless of what body demons I’m facing and how much I want to hibernate in my comfort zone. The embellishments are my favorite part about them, but the high waist is a close second. I’m such a fan of high waist anything because it makes my legs look miles long, and being only 5’2 that isn’t a feeling I get all that often.

I paired these shorts with a bodysuit…yep, a bodysuit. Prior to this I hadn’t worn a bodysuit since my gymnastics days. I just didn’t understand the need to have your shirt essentially tucked into (or this case sew to) your underwear and I had fears of some urgent need to go to the bathroom that would be complicated by a bodysuit (#irrationalismymiddlename). Well, fun fact – it was so much easier to have on a bodysuit and hello not having to tuck in your shirt every 5 seconds because it keeps riding up?!!  This whole outfit is just one step out of my comfort zone after another, but isn’t that what fashion, and life in general is all about!? Challenging yourself, and stepping outside the box so you can find new things you love?

So while it might not be the most groundbreaking #ootd (it’s essentially a white tee and jeans shorts – nothing revolutionary happening on Jessica Lynna today lol), it did push me over some personal hurdles and challenge me to be myself so that sounds like a win in my book 🙂

Bodysuit (Wearing Size S) | Denim Shorts (Wearing Size 25)| Converse (Wearing Size 6)| Bracelets | Necklace | Lipstick


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