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Casually Awaiting Summer

Tie Sleeve Sweater (Size Small) | Jamie Jeans (Size 26) | Pearl Sneakers (Size 6) | Lipstick (Touch of Spice)

Recently it got as warm as 60 outside and you would have thought it was summer here. I went outside for a picnic, walked home from church, took Beckett for a walk, and did anything and everything to just stay outside. Maybe it’s the fact that I work from home most of the week, and winter keeps us inside anyway, but I’ve really been feeling stir crazy and claustrophobic lately.

Winter was relentless here in Chicago. So much so, that I think I forgot what grass even looked like until recently, and the snow began to melt. Our house has a lovely yard that we didn’t get to enjoy enough of last summer because we didn’t move in until August. Because of this, I’m literally itching for mother nature to warm things up so I can get some much needed Vitamin D. Plus now that Beckett is older, I feel much more comfortable about taking her outside (I swear when she was an infant I lived in a constant state of paranoia!).

This outfit was something I wore around for the day a couple of weekends ago. Yes, it’s taken me this long to get it posted! It was perfect because I didn’t need a coat, but the sweater, denim and sneakers still kept me plenty warm enough. Anyone else really into the sneaker trend lately? I swear I think I’ve purchased like three or four pairs lately, and I have every intention of wearing them with just about everything this spring and summer.

What’s your go-shoe in the summer? Share it below or stop by my Instagram page and leave a comment on my most recent photo!


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