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Anyone who thinks doing a fashion blog is a piece of cake, has obviously never attempted to maintain a fashion blog. Prior to beginning this endeavor I looked at blogs and saw all the wonderful closets of these perfect women, and found myself guilty of wishing for more expensive brands/items in my closet or wishing I could change things about my appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I adore their blogs (and I am certain that was by no means their intention), but I never wanted anyone to visit my blog and feel this way. I want my readers to be inspired, to find their inner creativity and to collaborate on something we all know and love – fashion!
So while the pictures on my blog may be the best of the shoot, trust me when I say that the better photos were far and few between. So to show you that I am just an average everyday gal, get some popcorn, settle in and prepare for a laugh or two at these “bloopers” from my previous blog posts. 
 “Starting a fashion blog in the winter is a bad idea…It’s COLD!”
 “Shoot over? Sweet..time to breakdance!”
 “Please disregard the man picking up the dog poo in the background. At least he’s picking it up?!”
 “I wonder if I can jump in these heels in the snow?’s a bad idea.”
 “Joe I swear if you take one more picture I am going to SCREAM!”
Now remember, I am just your average everyday gal – with flaws (plenty of them) and a budget. Hope you enjoyed!
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