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Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a blog post here. So what have I been up to for the last year and a half?!

If I’m being honest, after 4-ish years of blogging, I’d finally had enough. I started my blog without any real concept, and over the years I assumed I’d find my way in the blogging atmosphere, but truthfully I found blogging to be more of a task than a passion. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and I love writing, and naively I figured that doing two things I love would be amazing. Instead, it became about likes, collaborations, unauthentic outfits, and keeping up with other bloggers. It was a rat race – one I was never going to win, which became defeating. It became a constant game of comparisons and wearing what everyone else was wearing because that’s what society and blogging groups were telling me to do. Frankly, it was the exact opposite of what I sought out to do when I started blogging. And so I stopped posting on my website but kept up with Instagram because I didn’t truly want to give up on something I’d work so hard at through the years. During all this, I had a nagging feeling of being lost. My page had no purpose, I had no passion and so I finally quit posting on my Instagram page too.

Let me just tell you. The 5 or so months I spent soul searching and without the constant pressure of social media was liberating! No deadlines, no pressure, no comparisons. No spending time liking other’s content, in the hopes of some ridiculously complex algorithm rewarding me by putting my content higher up the food chain. It was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to get a 50,000-foot glance at what I was doing, and what I was trying to accomplish. And then one day it just clicked.

I love fashion…but I also love a lot of things. Like ice cream. That doesn’t mean I need to write a blog about it. So I spent time figuring out where my strongest passions are. Writing is probably my number one. I’ve dreamed of writing a book since I was a kid, and it’s something I will check off my to-do list one day. This led me to conclude that I should definitely continue writing a blog. But what about? What else am I passionate about? And then it hit me – skincare! Growing up, I wanted to be a dermatologist. Matter of fact, I started college as a pre-med major (didn’t everyone start college as a pre-med major?!), but then I got lazy and said hell no to so many years of school. Even though I didn’t go on to be a dermatologist, my passion for skincare never went away.

So during my soul searching, it clicked. I should focus my blog content on skincare and beauty instead. And you might be thinking – there are thousands of beauty related websites and bloggers already out there, why bother? And you’re right, there are. And some of these bloggers and websites are pages I know, love and trust. But there is also plenty of content I haven’t been able to find, like valid skincare advice during my perioral dermatitis episode and legit products to use on hormonal acne.

So from this point forward, I’ll be putting a huge focus on all things beauty. Every now and again, I’ll post some additional content (fashion, life, maybe even ice cream!), but the vast majority will be honest and authentic reviews of products I have actually used and tested, specific topics related to beauty (skincare products to use during pregnancy, hair care products that actually get rid of dandruff, how to simplify your skincare routine, etc.), highlights of specific brands and sales, and I’ll be bringing back my Best in Beauty monthly series that will include all my favorites each month.

So who’s excited?! I know I am!! First up, I’ll be posting the 6 beauty products I could not, and absolutely would not live without. Stay tuned tomorrow for that post! In the meantime, I’ve left a nomination form on my Instagram highlights for products you’d like to see reviewed or have covered in a blog post!


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