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Winter Wonderland

The snow is never-ending right now. This week was the first glimpse of the blacktop I had seen in weeks, only to be immediately covered yet again with more snow. Nevertheless, I am really tired of wearing flats and braved the slippery sidewalks in my heels (spare boots in the car for emergencies of course :))
Aside from being fed up with flats, I am entirely over coats right now too. Bet you couldn’t guess that this Southern gal does not like Northern winters? Anyway, I also braved the day without a coat, because I couldn’t bear to cover up this adorable outfit with a heavy duty and ultra-boring black coat. Speaking of bear, I love animal print (shocking huh?)! Cheetah, snakeskin, alligator, cow…you name it, I want it (as long as it’s fake of course!!) and I found this vest in the back of my closet.  This vest is so perfect you can pair it with a basic black skirt, or some jeans and you’re practically out the door.
For good measure, I added a statement lip from Kat Von D’s Liquid Lipstick collection (they are AH-MAZING) and this DIY Clutch which I made over the weekend (DIY blog coming soon!).  
PS. There’s nothing like writing a blog to point out the fact that you need you hair colored, your nails done and some self-tanner STAT! Is it summer yet?
Outfit Details
Vest; Forever 21
Sweater; J Crew – similar here
Skirt; J Crew
Shoes; Forever 21 – similar here and here
Watch; Michael Kors
Clutch; Made by Me! – similar options here and here
Earring; J Crew

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Brown and Black

It’s a gross day here in Cleveland…the snow is beginning to melt, which has left dirt, mud, and water EVERYWHERE! On these days, flats are a must. I’m not taking any chances on ruining a good pair of heels 🙂 OH and say hello to my sweet little monster Ronaldo…nothing he loves more than having his picture taken so I can guarantee you will see a lot more of him around here. And if you just can’t wait to see more of his adorable mug, just check out my Instagram!
Now, let’s talk fashion. I know a lot of people prefer not to mix brown and black, but I have become quite fond of the pair in recent years. I’m not talking about dark brown though; as that is something you will only see sporadically on this blog…dark brown is not kind to this face! This lovely camel color though….I just can’t get enough! So much so that the bag, the shoes and the sweater have all been purchased in the last month. Can you say shopping addiction?
If you haven’t already, invest in a pair of black jeans. I often wondered why someone would buy black jeans when you can wear leggings, but these jeans have paid for themselves ten times over as you can see in the pictures (they’re obviously very worn and not at pitch black due to lots of washing). 
I wanted to add a little color to spruce up my day and to match my gloves (you’ll see these beauties in a future post), so I added this simple pink button down that ties in the brown and black for those non-believers. 
What do you think? 
Outfit Details
Sweater; Old Navy
Owl Button Down; Kmart – similar here and here
Jeans; Express
Watch; Michael Kors
Crossbody; Kate Spade – similar here and here

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Juicy Fruit

There’s nothing I love more than the weekend…it’s my time to catch up on all the sleep and tv I missed throughout the week, and I find the weekends to be my little getaway from the hectic and stress of the work week. Since Cleveland is only about 4 degrees outside, and we currently have around 3 inches of snow, I figured y’all would not be very interested in my style today. Especially considering keeping warm when it’s this cold outside is frankly not that pretty or stylish.
So today I wanted to take a moment away from relaxing to some football and a good book to share this awesome juice I made for my mid afternoon snack. I bought a juicer about a year ago after watching a documentary about processed foods, sugar and eating better. If you haven’t watched such a documentary, I recommend watching “Fed Up”, but only if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and how you eat. After buying the juicer, I started juicing a lot of different fruits and vegetables and since my juicer also doubles as a blender, it can make smoothies too. 
Today I used kale (Hello superfood!), 4 strawberries, 1 apple, 1 orange, 2 carrots, 2 celery stalks, 1 banana and a spoonful of greek yogurt. Since fruits are naturally high in sugar, this will satisfy my “sweet” cravings for the rest of the day. To start, I juiced the kale, strawberries, apple, orange, carrots and celery. Once this was all in liquid form, I put it in the blender with the banana and the greek yogurt and viola – 2 servings of a super delicious, healthy and very filling treat for your mind, body and soul. 
What fruits and vegetables do you think you would like to juice?
Outfit Details
Sweater; J Crew
Nail polish; OPI – I’ve got the blues for red

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Plaid Please

Well, in case you didn’t notice from the picture, yes this outfit predates Christmas, but I was so excited to get this out to y’all and then failed epically about releasing it while on vacation. Nevertheless, I thought I would share anyway. Just disregard the fact that there are gifts under the tree because as you can imagine, those were ripped into on Christmas morning and the tree was finally taken down last night. So long Christmas 🙁
Anyway, I have found myself really pining over tartan print since last winter. I don’t know what it is about this plaid but I love it and something about it screams Christmas. This summer during a trip home to see my momma, I found this lovely (and seriously HEAVY) tartan fabric on sale at Walmart (score!). I bought the whole roll of fabric and promised myself I would make pillows, curtains or anything at all, so long as I could justify the purchase.
Well the fabric never made its way into pillows, curtains or anything that this heavy duty upholstery fabric should be used to make, but it did make its way into a skirt! A blogger that I happen to adore and follow (check her out at had written about a DIY box pleated skirt, and although my sewing skills are not perfected, I figured I would give it a whirl. Viola…this beauty was born.
Now it’s not perfect, the pleats were a pain in the butt and I still really dislike zippers, but it’s wearable, it’s cute and I happen to think its super trendy.
What do you all think?
Outfit Details
Sweater; Old Navy
Skirt; Made by me! – find similar skirts here and here
Shoes; Colin Stuart (old) – similar here
Purse; Vintage (thanks Momma!) – similar here and here
Necklace; Target (old) – similar here
Watch; Michael Kors

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Happy New Year my lovely readers!!! It’s hard to believe that it is already 2015, and the vacation I looked forward to for months, has passed. I had every intention of updating the blog while traveling, but who reads a fashion blog to see pictures of pajamas? I’m not kidding, my pajama game was on point the last 12 days.
During my vacation, I did manage to accomplish the following:
1. Slept in past 10 am!!! I haven’t slept past 8am in a lonnnngg time.
2. Jumped in the ocean when it was 30 degrees outside. Hello Polar Plunge!
3. Did not open my laptop at all. Not working was blissful and I strongly encourage each of you to do the same for a week.
4. Shopped til I dropped!
So while today’s pictures are nothing too stylish, I have some real goodies in store for y’all soon 🙂 And I managed to sit down and write out my resolutions for 2015, some of which are all about focusing on me and the things I enjoy – like this blog! 2015 is going to be a FANTASTIC year, so check back to the blog regularly for all sorts of treats.
What’s on your resolution list this year?
Chambray button down; Buffalo David Bitton
Striped top; H&M (old) – similar here and here
Boots; Michael Kors – similar here
Scarf; Walmart – simlar here
Cheers Sweater; J Crew – similar here

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