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Valentine’s Gift Ideas

This year, Joe and I will be in New York for Valentine’s day, which is gift enough, but that hasn’t stopped me from eyeing down some goodies that I can buy for myself. These gifts are all wallet-friendly (I’m talking under 50$) and the perfect way to say I love you…to yourself! *Click on the images to see where to get each of the items. 
I love my FitBit, but those silicone bands are really hindering my fashion. I thought about purchasing the Tory Burch gold bracelet option, but a quick skim of the reviews on her website had me second guessing whether the $195 price tag was worth it. That said, I stumbled across the newest addition to the Tory Burch for FitBit line…the silicone band. Yes, it’s still silicone and it may still clash with some outfits (especially for work), but it’s Tory Burch and it’s less than $50 bucks…enough said. 
H&M has done it again. This coat is perfect for spring, which I am really hoping comes early this year despite what the groundhog said. Nevertheless, I can just see this perfect powder pink short coat, paired over a classic ivory dress, or for some added flair –  jeans, some gray over the knee boots and a cute sweater. Either way, this beauty is on my wish list..and for less than $50 bucks, it’s not going to last long!
I have been eyeing these palette since I saw it mentioned on a fellow bloggers page, (by fellow I actually mean she is a huge name in blogging  and is worth checking out if you haven’t already). For less than $50 bucks, I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up yet. I’ve admired it on three seperate occasions at Ulta and once tried to talk Joe into buying it for me for no reason at all (he’s seen my makeup collection – he knows better!). I am thinking this is the perfect item to buy while in New York this weekend – if for none other than no sales tax. Done and done!
It’s pink, it’s read and it’s bejeweled. This clutch is practically screaming “BUY ME FOR VALENTINES DAY!”. And even if I don’t get it in time to use this weekend, who cares?! It’s a fabulous clutch that will get use all Spring and Summer. Nevermind my recent obsession with buying clutches. For less than $50 bucks, this is a must in my shopping cart!
Water is vital to our survival, so why not sip it from a fun and cute tumbler?!  Am I right? Plus I like drinking from a straw, weird I know. The “break the ice” slogan is practically begging me to just give in and purchase it already, which for $18 dollars, I mine as well do. And as an added bonus, this is going to be the perfect companion for my long train rides when I move back to Chicago!
So there ya go, 5 super cute, super cheap Valentine’s gifts for yourself. And if your significant other asks, exchanging gifts “just isn’t in the budget this year”. Now take that money saved and invest it in some of these babies! I happen to think that it’s a brilliant idea 🙂
What do you think?

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Grammys Best Dressed

I love awards season, but not because I enjoy watching Kanye West make a fool of himself time and time again, but rather to see the fashion on the red carpet. Gowns, glam and glitter – what’s not to love! The Grammy’s this year were no exception, but after much deliberation, I’ve narrowed down my Best Dressed list for the night. Let’s begin shall we…
Taylor Swift
 I cannot get enough of this gown! I have never ridden on the Taylor Swift bandwagon, but her look last night was stunning. I love that she chose this teal color, side pleated dress and paired it with this magenta heel. And don’t even get me started on those legs! One look at her and I was doing legs at the gym today. While I am it, her hair color right now is to die for. Next time I sit down with my colorist, I’ll be showing her a picture of T. Swift.
Rita Ora
 Don’t know much about her, but do know that her head to toe sequin gown last night made the little girl in me SO HAPPY! My eye gravitates to anything that sparkles and this dress was no exception. Paired with muted makeup and that adorable pixy haircut, she nailed a winning combination in my book!
Gwen Stefani
 I love her and I really think she does no wrong. She is someone that I think just keeps getting more beautiful while the rest of us just get more wrinkles by pondering how she is so flawless. Nevertheless, her black jumpsuit last night was perfection. I personally would not have been opposed to her signature red lip, but she was stunning last night and definitely worthy of being on the best dressed list!
Katy Perry
 Not many girls can rock lavender hair with a crystal and sequin gown and look as fabulous as she. Her backless number was high on my list of favorites last night. Despite the purple hair, I thought she looked classic and timeless, and her makeup is always flawless and on point. A+++++.
Iggy Azalea
Many people might not place her high on the best dressed list, but I personally thought she looked gorgeous in that custom blue gown and her strawberry locks in braids. Muted makeup was the look of the night and she was no exception. She looked young, fresh and beautiful!
Want these looks for less? I don’t blame you! Check out the links below and see Grammy inspired looks that won’t break the bank.
Outfit Details
Taylor Swift; Splurge here and Steal here
Rita Ora; Splurge here and Steal here
Gwen Stefani; Splurge here and Steal here
Katy Perry; Splurge here and Steal here
Iggy Azalea; Splurge here and Steal here

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Exciting News!

Every time I start to develop a rhythm around updating my blog, life happens!!  For example, we have over a foot of snow here in Cleveland with more on its way…and if you write a style blog or know anything about the process of writing one, then you know how truly unstylish bundling for this much snow, truly is! And don’t even get me started on taking pictures in all this!
Aside from weather, I’ve been traveling around (not the best timing with Linus). Last week Joe and I were both in Chicago – each for our jobs.  I spent the week catching up with my coworkers, and sitting through a lot of meetings..which was good considering working from home can be a little lonely. Also, I after months of discussions I can finally announce that Joe and I are moving back to Chicago! It was something we both knew was inevitable; however I guess neither of us anticipated it being so quick after I moved from there lol. Nevertheless, I am excited about being back in the city. Not so much the idea of downsizing or getting a smaller closet, but as Tim Gunn would say, “it’s a make it work moment”!
Aside from looking for new homes, working my day job, and the terrible weather, there really isn’t too much going on. I appreciate the patience from my lovely readers and I hope to get some outfits back up on the blog soon!
Heart you guys!

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Hello Hockey!

 I’ve always been a huge sports fan and this weekend was no exception, as Joe and I were invited to a Fox Sports event in Columbus. I always find sporting events challenging to dress for, as I never want to be too dressed up, but I still want to look cute and fashionable. In this case, the two events we were invited to involved being outside, in the cold and snow, followed up by being in Nationwide Arena to watch NHL Skills Challenge as part of the NHL AllStar Weekend.
High heels were immediately removed from the occasion (I almost never wear heels to a sporting event) and I found these over the knee boots on sale at Target Friday night and figured they would be a perfect blend between comfort and stylish (if you haven’t downloaded the Cartwheel app – stop reading my blog and go download it right now! – It saved me 40% off these boots that were already 30% off!!). I paried the shoes with a flannel button down for two reasons…flannel is everywhere right now and its warm, then I threw on a sweater cardigan as a request from one of my readers. Sweater cardigans are the best…stay tuned for a future post on how versatile the sweater cardigan truly is!
So the event was a blast! We got to sit in a suite and watch some of hockey’s biggest names let loose and have a little fun on the ice. We followed up the night with a dueling piano bar called The Big Bang. I love love love piano bars! Some of the patrons got a little rowdy, but multiple laughs (and Videos) and the outfit was still holding up perfectly!
Have requests for a future post? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section or by sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from y’all!
Outfit Details
T-shirt; Target
Flannel Button Down; BDG – Similar here
Sweater Cardigan; Isaac Mizrahi
Leggings; Express
Boots; Target
Purse; Kate Spade – Similar here
Glasses; Ray Ban

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DIY Friday: Animal Print Clutc

Materials Needed
1/4 Yard of Faux Fur Fabric (I purchased more of a felt medium weight fabric from Joann’s)
1/4 Yard of Lining (I purchased a medium weight cotton from Joann’s)
Interfacing  (Medium weight package of 3 yards at Joann’s)
14in Industrial Zipper (Purchased at Joann’s)
Matching Thread (Already own – you can get at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s etc.)
Sewing Machine
I am so excited to share this blog with you all…mainly because I am thrilled with how my clutch turned out, but also because it is Friday night and if you are anything like me, then you need something to do tonight 🙂  If you’ve read some of my past blogs, then you know that inserting zippers makes me cringe. If zippers aren’t  your thing either, it’s okay – just PRESS ON! This clutch is super easy and gave me the confidence I needed to keep sewing with zippers 🙂
In the picture above you will see my rotary cutter and little quilters cutting board. Both of these were gifts from my sweet Momma for Christmas and they could not be more perfect!! I’d been stalking the idea of getting a rotary cutter, but for whatever reason I never did. After using this once, I am kicking myself for all the sewing I did without it. Moral of the story..if you have not invested in a rotary cutter, DO.SO.NOW! The one above is less than $10 and can be found just about anywhere.
To start the project, I made a trip to Joann’s Fabrics (one of my favorite places on Earth!). I browsed through the faux fur aisle, before settling on this dalmatian/cow print that was more of a felt fabric than faux fur but it was still heavy enough to work for this particular project. I also picked up the red cotton lining that was stiff enough to help the clutch hold shape and the interfacing (I usually find this around the aisle that has the fabric glue). Lastly, I grabbed a 14 in industrial zipper and headed home. 
 The first thing I did was cut all of my fabric. I cut my faux fur fabric to roughly 10 inches (height of the clutch) and 14 inches (Length of the clutch). I cut my lining to these same measurements, and cut my interfacing to 9×13 (I allowed for 1/2 seams). Then I used my iron and the directions on the interfacing package to adhere the interfacing to the wrong side of my faux fur fabric (See picture below).
 Next I started pinning the faux fur fabric to the top of the zipper, by folding over 1/2 inch of the top of the fabric (maybe less) and then pinning directly to the zipper. After I pinned both sides of the zipper with the faux fur, I pinned both sides of the zipper with the lining. To do this, I  folded over the top of the lining fabric with 1/2 inch (maybe less) and pinned under the zipper.  After this, you are ready to sew straight seams that will attach your zipper. It should look something like below. 
Attachinng the zipper wasn’t that bad now was it??! Next you are ready to finish the bag…this is the part where I got too excited to take pictures so use your imagination. Fold over your fabric so that both of the right sides of the fabric are touching (see image below). Pin the three non stitched sides of  clutch together and sew straight seams all the way around the fabric. Cut the bottom corners (opposite side of the zipper) at an angle (this will help the edges look sharp when you flip the bag right side out). 
Now unzip the zipper, flip you bag right side out and VIOLA…a beautiful clutch!! I fill mine with all the latest beauty goodies, my cell phone and credit cards and I’m out the door!

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