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Life Happens, Pizza Helps

Pizza T-Shirt (Size Small) | Forever 21 Jacket (Size Small) | Distressed Denim (old, similar here) | Plaid Button Down (old, similar here) | Red Sneakers (Size 6) | Red Lip (Fight Free-Redicals) | Stacked Bracelets 

Let’s just talk about pizza for a second. Hand’s down, it’s one of my favorite foods and is probably pretty high on the list of best foods ever (behind McDonalds French fries, ice cream and mashed potatoes of course). It’s one of those foods I could eat every single day, with pretty much any topping and I would enjoy it. Matter of fact, Joe and I just had some veggie pizza from Lou Malnati’s (Chicago classic!) on Friday and I wouldn’t be surprised if we order pizza again mid-weekish 🙂

Does that make us super unhealthy? Probably. But like my shirt says, life happens, pizza helps.

To work off some calories from a few too many slices of deep dish this weekend, Joe and I took Beckett to this playground down the street from where we live. She hated it. Or she hated the colder temperatures. We’re not really sure, but it was 44 degrees, so it felt like a heat wave to us. So we stayed long enough for me to quickly relive my childhood days by swinging, sliding and being silly.

Oh to be young and a child again? When you’re biggest concern is what Santa is bringing for Christmas and there are no bills, no jobs and no counting calories and pizza slices. Sometimes it’s okay to just be a kid every once in a while. Life isn’t so serious that we need to be in a constant state of stress (I’m preaching to myself too!).

So in an effort to really step back and enjoy life a little more, here are some tips to being a little more relaxed and carefree:

  1. Do something fun, everyday!

Not only did I swing at a playground for the first time in years this weekend, but I also played a Playstation video game for the first time in a Really. Long. Time. Maybe I’m a little bit nerdy, but Joe and I played a soccer game, and while I had no idea what I was doing, I laughed and loved every single minute of it.

  1. Be Yourself

What’s that quote from Dr. Suess?

“Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

There is nothing more exhausting then trying to be someone you’re not, or living in fear of not being yourself. Dance in public, sing when the urge hits, wear clothes however you damn well please. The lesson here is to be the version of yourself that is true to your core. And love every minute of it!

  1. Look at life through the eyes of a child

This is maybe a little easier if you actually have a child, but since Beckett was born it’s truly inspiring to see how she looks at the world. The dogs are her favorite things on earth. She laughs and plays with them constantly, and truly enjoys every second of being with them. As an adult, it’s sometimes hard to remember the love and joy of everything in life, like my child has. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, mundane activities (I need to let the dogs out, fill their water bowl, take them for a walk, etc.) instead of just truly enjoying their presence and the excitement and happiness they bring to our lives.

  1. Say no

Joe and I are both people pleasers. No matter how swamped, busy, or exhausted, the answer is always yes. And that is a constant struggle. Saying yes to everything and everyone not only stretches Joe and I to the absolute max, but it leaves us stressed out and too tired to enjoy anything. Remember, it’s okay to say no every once in a while. You don’t have to take part in every single plan, activity, work assignment, etc.

  1. Cry it out

Kids cry all the time. Literally, all the time! Last week, Becektt cried because I wouldn’t let her lick the dog. And then again because I wouldn’t let her stand in her carseat. And then again because I wouldn’t let her eat my phone. (Side note: maybe my child cries a lot?!??). Anyway, she cries for like 10 seconds, and then she’s on to the next activity where she laughs and squeals and has the time of her life. So I’m just going to start crying and not apologizing for it. Pregnancy made me super sensitive and now I cry all the time anyway. So instead of trying to hold it back, I’m just going to let it out!

  1. Eat what you want

Sure, I probably can’t live off ice cream and pizza, but it’s okay to indulge in some of things you love every once in a while. Everything in moderation!

Happy Monday loves!

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Surprise, Surprise – More Pearls

Pearl Top (Small) | Tulle Skirt (Size 4) | Velvet Tie Heels (Size 5.5) | Bangle Bracelet (Sold Out – Similar Here) | Blush Pink Cross Body (Old – New Style Here) | Tie Bracelets (Layering Gold & Rose Gold)| YSL Lipstick (Color: 09)

Surprise y’all – it’s more pearls, ha! If you caught my last blog post then you know my obsession with small little white beads, or beautiful elegant little pearls as I like to call them, is real. I have a few tops and a lovely pair of sneakers with pearls on them, and I just saw one of my favorite bloggers sporting a pair of pearl jeans (STOP.EVERYTHING.). So it’s no surprise that I would feature two posts back to back with similar tops. I just couldn’t resist!

In other news, if you saw my Instagram story today, then you know I got into a fight with a stationary bike and the bike won, leaving me with a very sore and bruised nose. Maybe it’s my fault for storing both a dog cage AND a stationary bike in my closest (don’t ask), but nevertheless – I’m not feeling my best right now and pearls make everything better! Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m giving up coffee for Lent (well that and holding grudges!) and I got a head start by giving up coffee yesterday. So maybe the lack of caffeine is to blame. 

Whatever the reason, I can tell you that I still have a headache and I’m wiped from no coffee – so this is all you get today 🙂

Happy Tuesday loves!

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Pretty Pink Pearl

c/o Zaful Pearl Cape (Size Small) | White Distressed Denim (Size 0) | Gray OTK Boots (Size 6) | Tory Burch Bag | White Turtleneck Sweater (Size Small) | Pink Lip (Dose of Rose) 

Prior to my wedding, the only pearls I ever owned were fake. A set of real pearls were always something I really wanted because the vibe pearls give is something that is effortless, classic and timeless. Joe gave me my first pair of real pearl earrings for our wedding day and I was so excited! I wore them with my dress at my wedding, and I wear them all the time now. Getting my first real pair for such a special occasion has made me love pearls even more because now they are sentimental in addition to be classy! 

So it won’t come as any surprise that I am obsessed with this new trend of wearing pearls on everything: sweaters, jeans, shoes. Heck, I’d put a pearl on my panties if it wouldn’t be the most uncomfortable thing I could possibly imagine. So I knew the minute I saw this pretty, pink pearl cape that it was destined to be in my closet. Wearing it makes me feel like a snow bunny in Aspen, which is weird because I hate snow and I’ve never been to Colorado – so. 

But jokes aside, I love this cape and I love the neutrality of this whole look. It really makes the pink and the pearls pop. And if you haven’t invested in a pair of over the knee boots yet, now is the time. I really thought this style was going to be a quick trend and yet here we are like 7 years later and they’re still going strong! Be sure to check out this post on how to style OTK boots just in case you need a few tidbits 🙂

I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!!


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Stylish Sweater

Zaful Sweater C/O (size: one size) | Madewell Jeans (size: 26) | Danielle Earrings | Robinson Tote Bag | Lip: Fight Free Red-icals | Blush Booties (size: 5.5 & current on sale for $30!)

One of my favorite things to wear are sweaters. They’re effortless, comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. I have the most absurd amount of sweaters, but Joe is always shrinking them in the wash so every time he shrinks one, I get to buy two more 🙂 When I do the laundry, I set them aside to wash them in bags or I’ll hand wash and I always lay them flat to dry. Nope, not Joe. He forgets they’re in there and throws them in the dryer, or worse he lays things out that doesn’t actually need to lay flat to dry, as the sweaters are tumbling in the dryer! I shouldn’t complain though, he’s willing to help out with house chores and really helps with the laundry, and for that I will always be grateful!

So it’s no surprise that when I saw this sweater, I had to have it! While I do love sweaters, they’re not always the most stylish because they always look the same. Nope, not this one! It stood out to me from a mile away (or through the computer screen!) because of the stark contrast between black and white, the ruffles on the sleeves and the gold zipper in the back is just perfect!

This outfit is a seamless weekend staple…comfy and casual, but still cute and I can chase Beckett around in it. Plus these little booties don’t hurt to walk around in for a few hours, which is always a bonus if we end up at a mall or a trip to Costco. I liked the extra touch of pink velvet to snaz up the look a little more and of course the red lip! A red lip will make any outfit look polished, except maybe pajamas. Pretty sure Joe would think I lost my mind coming to bed with a bright red lip! Talk about a bad idea with our white sheets?!!!

And the best part of this sweater is that’s it’s cheaper than most the other sweaters I own because it’s only $29! A good deal and a good sweater = touchdown! Yes, I just used a cheesy football pun given the Super Bowl is this weekend, but whatevs! If you’re still looking for some last minute, super easy recipes you can make for your Super Bowl party though, be sure to check out this post!

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Valentine’s Day

 Zaful Top c/o (wearing size M) | Express Skirt (old) – similar here | Lip: Fight Free Red-icals | Nude Pumps (36) | J Crew Earrings (old) – similar here

Love is in the air and Valentine ’s Day is right around the corner. Wait, weren’t we just celebrating Christmas like yesterday? Seriously though, how is it almost February?

Nevertheless, my favorite, mushy gushy, lovey dovey, “I better get flowers” holiday is in just a few weeks and right around this time every year I start pulling all the pinks and reds from my closet. I LOVE to pair these two shades together, but I really only ever feel comfortable doing it in an “over the top” manner when Valentine’s Day is near. Not sure I could get away with this color combination in March, ya know?

I wore a similar outfit a couple years ago and then last year I was so pregnant that I didn’t even want to wear pants, much less a skirt and being cutesy with my holiday fashion just wasn’t a priority lol! But I’m back at it this year with this absolutely beautiful top!

If you know anything about me, then you know I love a good bow. Bows in your hair, bows on your shoes, bows around your neck – doesn’t matter, I just love the femininity of bows. On a side note, it’s too bad my child doesn’t feel the same way considering every time I put a bow in her hair, she pulls it off her head and throws it down with this vindicated “take that mama” attitude. Ughh, what have Joe and I gotten ourselves into?!

But anyway, back to me…and more importantly, back to this shirt!

The original intention when I ordered this shirt was obviously for Valentine’s Day. The pink ruffles and contrasting red bow were screaming to me from within the computer screen, but once it arrived, I envisioned wearing it on so many more occasions than just for this one particular holiday. How sweet would this top be as a baby shower guest, or even Easter, OR with some crisp white jeans for summer?! The possibilities are endless.

You know what else is endless? The amount of chocolates I’m going to consume this Valentine’s Day! I’m rewarding myself for getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight by eating my weight in chocolate. Then I can restart my goal of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and then fall off the wagon with more chocolates, etc. etc. It’s truly a vicious cycle. How are you guys celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Any big plans!? Do tell in the comments below 🙂

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