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Showing Skin

Is it just me, or did this Winter wreak havoc on your skin?! Now that it’s warming up and I can finally start wearing some shorts and sandals again, my skin is desperately in need of some ultra moisturizing. Now that said, I have tried just about every lotion under the sun. And I have never found one that I buy more than once…
Until now! One of the perks of being a blogger is that sometimes companies will send me free stuff in the hopes that I will blog about it. Unless it is something that I love, I usually don’t take the time to write a post – but I just can’t resist the urge to tell y’all about this lotion! When I checked the mail a few weeks ago, I saw a box with Jergens BB Protect Body Cream (with SPF), the Jergens BB Body Cream (without sunscreen) and the Jergens BB Hand Cream.  To be honest, I was never a loyal Jergens user. Sure, I have used their products in the past, but like I said – I’ve never purchased the same lotion more than once.
But this lotion is different! The first thing that attracted me to these lotions were the scent. I cannot use fruity scented lotions, as it actually makes my stomach hurt to smell the sweetness on my skin lol. I always gravitate toward lotions with clean, soapy scents or no scent at all. The scent of these lotions is just perfect…it reminds me of a simple, clean and elegant perfume. Something I would love to spritz on before work, as not to overpower the allergies of those in my office. On top of that, it actually moisturizes my skin!! With other lotions, I have found myself reapplying 2…3….4 times a day just to get rid of the dry skin on my legs and feet. But with this lotion, I apply right out of the shower, on slightly damp skin, and my pores just drink it up! Matter of fact, I applied this lotion this morning and as I type, my skin feels so hydrated and soft. 
Now add to that the fact that this lotion blurs the imperfections on my body (sun spots, pores, redness, etc.) and I believe we have found the holy grail of lotions, ladies! Oh – and let’s not forget the SPF! Nobody wants premature aging and wrinkles from the sun – yuck! This lotion is worth a try if you are in the market for a new one, and with the cost, it’s also worth a try even if you arent in the market! Kudos Jergens, you delivered a winner with this line!
**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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Dreamin’ of Denim

I am not someone who enjoys shopping for denim…being small, shopping for jeans is always a pain. Plus, it’s not part of the accepted wardrobe of work; so I can get by with only having a couple pairs and I pretty much always wear those out before shopping for new ones. Now maybe it was the fashion blog talking, or maybe it was the move back to Chicago, but before Joe and I packed up in Cleveland, I decided to go on a denim splurge and I bought 4 new pairs of jeans. 
I had heard a lot of good things about J Brand jeans, but I never really gave them a try because that required me to head to a dressing room to try things on – and if you know me at all, then you know that is something I will avoid at all cost. That said, I finally decided to stop being lazy, and boy am I glad! These jeans are so comfortable and very flattering – hence the need for 4 pairs. With this look, I dressed up the denim by adding a pair of heels, and this fun mint green blazer. 
I should be all set on denim for a while…or at least that’s the hope. Now that I know my size in J Brand, I might now be able to resist when I see them in stores. What’s your favorite brand of jeans? And please tell me I not the only one who strongly dislikes the denim disaster that is jean shopping?
Outfit Details
Jeans; J Brand
Sweater; J Crew – a super fun (and on sale) version here
Blazer; Dylan & Rose – Similar here and here
Shoe; Target (old) – Similar here
Clutch; Kate Spade – Similar here
Watch; MIchael Kors
Bracelet; David Yurman
Earrings; Robert Rose – Similar here
Necklace; Sophia & Kate – Really great, similar necklace here

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Live Colorfully

Dear Kate Spade,
Thank you for encouraging the world to live colorfully – although from this outfit, I may have taken your quote a little too literally.
Sincerely – Me 🙂
I love color…it is something I never shy away from. Matter of fact, sometimes I have to dial it down a few notches, as too much color can sometimes come across very…um, well – like a circus clown! I just don’t like the thought of opening my closet doors only to see neutrals. Don’t get me wrong, I love neutrals, but I crave brightness in my life. Bright, well lit apartments, sunshine and colorful clothes! Probably the reason I am so obsessed with Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer (OMG- the Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target comes out Sunday…I’m dying!)
Anyway, the weather is progressively warming up and I decided to brave the winds and the chill of the morning air in this absolutely gorgeous peach skirt. It’s been a favorite in my closet for a couple of years now and although it doesn’t get worn nearly as often as it should, I love to look at it..hanging in all its’ glory. A skirt this beautiful belongs with a top equally as beautiful…not a basic…not a neutral..but a piece that holds its’ own. And what better fit than this rich pink Tahari blouse with peach accents! Hello colorfully awesome Heaven!!
Maybe it’s too much for some, but for me this outfit makes me happy. And that’s what is really important in life, right?!
What is your favorite color to wear?
Outfit Details
Skirt; Forever 21 (old) – Similar here
Top; T Tahari
Belt; Forever 21
Shoes; Kenneth Cole
Tote; Target
Coat; Old Navy
Watch; Michael Kors
Earrings; Sophia & Kate – Similar here
Necklace; Kate Spade – Similar here

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Conservative Casual

 Does anyone else struggle with FREEZING while at work? The fire marshal says it’s a fire hazard to have a space heater, my office keeps the building cold enough to preserve meat, and the train ride to and from work, is for lack of better word – hotter than hell. What’s a girl to do?!
Layer. Layer. Layer. That’s what I do…well that, and sometimes I say screw it and plug in that space heater. But for the most part, I try to play by the rules. I am not a very good rule breaker, unless we are talking about wearing white after labor day 🙂 With this outfit, I knew I wouldn’t be warm with just these ExpressColumnist slim leg, ankle pants and this Izod long sleeve button down, so I threw this J Crew sweater over my shoulder in case I needed to add some extra warmth.
Well, sure enough it was too cold to move my little phalanges and the space heater was a must. Sorry Mr. Fireman!
Anyone else trying to balance the arctic cold with their morning outfit selections (or night before outfit selections :))? Or maybe your office is the opposite and has the office hot as sin? Either way, being too cold OR too hot at work is a serious struggle – and I want to know what you do AND how you dress to cope. 
Outfit Details
Top; Izod – Similar here and here
Pants; Express
Sweater; J Crew
Trench Coat; London Fog
Shoes; Kenneth Cole
Tote; Target
Belt; J Crew
Earrings; Sophia & Kate – Similar here
Watch; Michael Kors
Sunglasses; Burberry

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Sunday Funday

 l love Sundays, but I always wish there was a day between Sunday and Monday. Since the work week will inevitably be beginning again tomorrow, I make it a point to enjoy Sundays to the fullest. Today we browsed the streets of our new home – since we have only been officially moved in for only two weeks, we are still exploring all the quaint restaurants and boutiques around – one of which I am seriously excited about featuring some items from in the future (Muse in Oak Park, IL – if you are a local, stop by stat!).
I am so obsessed with white jeans right now. I’ve been wearing them with practically every top I own and I feel like they go with everything this Spring. It’s weird because I almost always gravitate toward darker washed jeans or black jeans, but the white it just so crisp, clean and perfect. And this coat…what more needs to be said! I LOVE IT! Joe calls it “my bird coat” and he hates it lol. So I do my best to wear it as frequently as I can 🙂 Call it Southern sass, but I am determined to make him love this coat as much as I. 
So aside from walking the streets, we also stopped by a bakery for a Sugar Fixe – literally, the name of the place is called Sugar Fixe and 2 macaroons, 1 sugar cookie and a cupcake later, my sugar craving has indeed been fixed. Probably for the next year 🙂 I guess the gym is no longer an option tomorrow, but rather mandatory. 
So what fun plans did you have for today? Anyone dreading the beginning of another work week?
Outfit Details
Top; Velvet Heart – Similar and CHEAPER version here!
Jacket; H&M (sold out) – Similar here
Jeans; Target
Shoes; Fioni – Similar here and here
Clutch; Rebecca Minkoff (old) – Similar here
Watch; Michael Kors
Ring; Sophia & Kate – Similar here
Necklace; Sophia & Kate – Similar here

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