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Loungin’ Around

This past week has been blah…aside from catching up from being out of town all last week, Joe and I have not been feeling very well. That said, the Cleveland Auto Show began this week, so Joe has been swamped with work, meaning no photographer and a lot of time spent alone lol. So this weekend I took the time to do some bargain shopping for our new place in Chicago and scored some major pieces (aka = a perfect white and gold china set that I cannot even begin to describe my excitement over!).
Although I love shopping, my feeling of being run down kept me from getting too dolled up for the adventure. I kept it simple with some flats and these amazingly comfortable but contemporary harem pants that were at none other than K-Mart. I kid you not…I got these last year for less than $5 bucks.  Paired with a fun sweater and some flats, I was equipped to go from store to store yesterday hunting down the best deals.
For the record, it was almost embarrassing how many bags I carried inside our home yesterday…the saving grace was that my wallet was extremely happy and full…which is always a concern after any shopping trip 🙂
So what’d you do this weekend? Anyone else go bargain hunting?
Outfit Details
Pants; Kmart – A much cooler pair here
Sweater; Old Navy – Similar here and here
Scarf; Marc Jacobs
Coat; Nordstrom – Similar here and here
Shoes; Steve Madden (sold out) – Similar here
Sunglasses; Burberry
Watch; Michele

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Workin’ For The Weekend

Last week, I spent time in my office in Chicago for our annual Kickoff Meeting. This is certainly one of my favorite times of the year for my job, but it is also one of the most stressful. My colleagues and myself are going non-stop from the time we wake until wee in the hours of the early morning – hence my lack of posts last week.
As a woman, I hate being confined to the rules of business professional. Don’t get me wrong, I love blazers and I love black, but I hate boring old black suits. While designers have made huge strides in this area over the last ten years, I still try to follow the standard rules of dress when it comes to these meetings. Considering over half of our company is there, the last thing I want to do is stand out for all the wrong reasons.
Now this outfit may have pushed those traditional boundaries, but it’s stylish, still conservative and appropriate for business professional (depending on your organization of course).  
On a side note, Joe and I found a place to live when we move back to Chicago and should have everything moved and settled by early April. And let me just say, the place we selected has “perfect blog post pictures” written all over it! That may or may not have been why I selected it J Well that and it’s the perfect little place for us. Look for more on that in the coming weeks.
So what do you think of the look? Yay or Nay – you won’t hurt my feelings either way…that’s the beauty of fashion!
Outfit Details
Blazer; Express (old) – Similar here
Bow; Made by me! – Similar here and here
Slacks; Banana Republic
Shoes; Don’t know the brand (Sorry!) – Similar here and here
Watch; Michele
Bracelet; David Yurman
Earrings; J Crew

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Anyone who thinks doing a fashion blog is a piece of cake, has obviously never attempted to maintain a fashion blog. Prior to beginning this endeavor I looked at blogs and saw all the wonderful closets of these perfect women, and found myself guilty of wishing for more expensive brands/items in my closet or wishing I could change things about my appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I adore their blogs (and I am certain that was by no means their intention), but I never wanted anyone to visit my blog and feel this way. I want my readers to be inspired, to find their inner creativity and to collaborate on something we all know and love – fashion!
So while the pictures on my blog may be the best of the shoot, trust me when I say that the better photos were far and few between. So to show you that I am just an average everyday gal, get some popcorn, settle in and prepare for a laugh or two at these “bloopers” from my previous blog posts. 
 “Starting a fashion blog in the winter is a bad idea…It’s COLD!”
 “Shoot over? Sweet..time to breakdance!”
 “Please disregard the man picking up the dog poo in the background. At least he’s picking it up?!”
 “I wonder if I can jump in these heels in the snow?’s a bad idea.”
 “Joe I swear if you take one more picture I am going to SCREAM!”
Now remember, I am just your average everyday gal – with flaws (plenty of them) and a budget. Hope you enjoyed!
Outfit Details
Picture One: Click here
Picture Two: Click here
Picture Three: Click here
Picture Four: Click here
Picture Five: Click here

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And the Oscar Goes To…

Awards season has come to an end, but not without some stunning beauties on the red carpet last night. If you are looking to see Dakota Johnson at the top of my best dressed list…guess again. Aside from the fact I didn’t care much for the one shoulder red gown, her attitude and personality during the red carpet interview was as disappointing as her ponytail. To me, one of the best things a celebrity can wear on the red carpet is a smile. It’s the one thing a designer or jeweler can’t give you and it either makes or breaks the look….so read on to see which celebs I thought were the total package last night!
Lady Gaga
Who knew Lady Gaga was so stunning when she isn’t wearing an egg as a dress?! And her performance for the Sound of Music…say what?! She blew me away last night. Not only with her gorgeously structured white piece of art, but with her vocals during her performance. She could have done without the red leather gloves, but it wouldn’t be Lady Gaga without a little twist, right? 
Sienna Miller
I imagine I’ll be spending all next weekend trying to figure out how to duplicate Sienna Miller’s hairdo at the Oscars. I loved it! It was young, but appropriate and most likely needed, due to yesterday’s weather. Put that blonde braided hair with this navy and black lace gown, and her blue eyes… It’s too much for me to handle!
Reese Witherspoon
I love her…literally everything about her. She is so inspirational to young women, on top of being an absolute beauty. This white gown with the black details looked stunning on her and despite last night’s rain, I appreciate that she wore her hair down. She looked classic, timeless and perfect.  
Rosamund Pike
 Do I even need to write a caption as to why Rosamund Pike is on my best dressed list? Her red lace gown on her perfectly pale complexion was to die for. I loved her in Gone Girl, but that movie did her no justice for how beautiful she looked last night. Oh and good for her for not rocking an absurd amount of jewels. The dress spoke for itself and I appreciated she didn’t clutter it with too much jewelry.  
Emma Stone
 And the award for best dressed goes to….without a doubt, Emma Stone. Her look was perfection. From the backless gown, to the fun color, to the sequins, to her hair and her gorgeous orangish lip. Her (and her stylist) nailed it last night! And can I just say how humble she is when she speaks?! Yep, she definitely stole my heart last night…and I want to steal that dress!
Want these looks for less? Who doesn’t! Check out the links below to see these looks at a fraction of the cost!
Outfit Details
Lady Gaga – Splurge here or Steal here
Sienna Miller – Splurge here or Steal here
Reese Witherspoon – Splurge here or Steal here
Rosamund Pike – Splurge here or Steal here
Emma Stone – Splurge here or Steal here

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Mother Nature

 Winter shows no signs of letting up anytime soon, and I cannot even fathom another day of snow.  There are no words to express how much I loathe snow and cold weather and yet somehow I managed to move north. Aside from the damper this winter wonderland is taking on my mood, it’s also seriously affecting my fashion. No heels, boring coats and scarf after scarf after scarf.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scarf and stylish coat…for about the first week that I wear them. Then I’m over it and it becomes the same old, same old every dang day of these ridiculously long winters. Today I gave Mother Nature a little piece of my mind with this leather look. I always picture leather being worn by someone with an attitude and a little sass (good thing I have both, huh?!), so I needed an outfit that was just warn enough to be outside, with a big side of defiance. So take that Mother Nature! Now bring me some warm weather and sunshine.
Anyone else tired of snow and cold?!
Outfit Details
Leather Jacket; Old – Similar here and here
Sweater; NY and Company – Similar here and here
Leather Pants; Express
Boots; Similar here and here
Sunglasses; Burberry
Watch; Michele
Bracelet; David Yurman
Clutch; Rebecca Minkoff (old) – Similar here and here

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