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Wearing Wantable

Leather Jacket (Size XS) | Pleated Skirt (Size XS) | White Ruffle Top (Size XS) | Black Suede Heels | Lipcolor (Lolita & Matte Orchid)

Life is complicated enough, so sometimes we deserve a little something that not only makes life easier, but a lot more fun too. Given my love of all things fashion related, you can always count on me to take an interest in something that is fashion forward AND makes life easier. So of course I was a shoo-in for subscription services that sent clothes straight to your front door. I’ve dabbled around with a few of these companies, but I never settled on one that I truly loved until my Wantable packed arrived and this beauty of a jacket was hiding inside!

But how did they know I was looking for a new staple leather jacket? How did they know how much I love gold detailing? How did they find this perfect jacket that I’ve looked for so long to find and never could? How are they THIS AMAZING?

Truth is, I really don’t know. I suspect they have fashion fairy godmothers working at their facilities, but I doubt we’ll ever really know their secrets. Whatever it is, this box contained so many colors, fabrics, and items I loved that Joe had to talk me off the ‘I’ll just take it all’ ledge.

And so I settled with this jacket that is just as appropriate for work as it is play. This outfit is one I wore to a work function a couple weeks ago. I took the jacket off at work because I run around like a crazy person when I’m in full work mode and I need my arms and hands to keep up with my craziness. Yes I’m weird. Anyway, after work I was able to put the jacket back on, and had I been headed to a happy hour I would have been feeling mighty fine about my style selections for the day, but instead I took the first train home to little miss Beckett. On a plus side, this jacket made me feel like a badass momma, which is equally as great a feeling!

So enough about me – let’s learn more about Wantable and how you get 50% of the styling fee of your first box, because let’s face it – that’s really what you guys are here for, right?!

First things first, you take a brief lifestyle quiz. I’ll be honest, it’s not super brief, but I wasn’t still answering questions after 10 minutes either. Just don’t expect to answer 1 or 2 questions and call it day.

Spoiler Alert: this might have been how they found out I loved gold over silver. Just saying.

You have the option to choose from a Style box (curated apparel and accessories), Fitness (handpicked technical and athleisure styles) or Men’s fitness. Of course I chose the Style box but I’m super interested in the Fitness box as well so if you opt for this one, make sure you come back to this post and spill the beans on how great it is!

For a $20 styling fee, the fashion fairy godmothers will wave their magic wands and ship you a box containing 5-7 items you’re guaranteed to love, straight to your doorstep. Try it all on, figure out what works and ship back what you didn’t fall in love with.

Spoiler Alert: You’re gonna love everything.

Wantable only bills you for what you keep, and YES, you’re $20 styling fee is applied to any purchases you make from that box.

There are so many great things about Wantable: like their 14 day price match for any items you purchase, their buy 5 or more items in this box receive an extra 20% off, their XS to 3X (0-24W) size options, or their 5 day window to try on items. Okay, I know, I’m rambling but don’t take my word for it. Try Wantable for only $10. It’s super simple and I just know you are going to love it!

A very special thank you to Wantable for sponsoring this post, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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Casually Awaiting Summer

Tie Sleeve Sweater (Size Small) | Jamie Jeans (Size 26) | Pearl Sneakers (Size 6) | Lipstick (Touch of Spice)

Recently it got as warm as 60 outside and you would have thought it was summer here. I went outside for a picnic, walked home from church, took Beckett for a walk, and did anything and everything to just stay outside. Maybe it’s the fact that I work from home most of the week, and winter keeps us inside anyway, but I’ve really been feeling stir crazy and claustrophobic lately.

Winter was relentless here in Chicago. So much so, that I think I forgot what grass even looked like until recently, and the snow began to melt. Our house has a lovely yard that we didn’t get to enjoy enough of last summer because we didn’t move in until August. Because of this, I’m literally itching for mother nature to warm things up so I can get some much needed Vitamin D. Plus now that Beckett is older, I feel much more comfortable about taking her outside (I swear when she was an infant I lived in a constant state of paranoia!).

This outfit was something I wore around for the day a couple of weekends ago. Yes, it’s taken me this long to get it posted! It was perfect because I didn’t need a coat, but the sweater, denim and sneakers still kept me plenty warm enough. Anyone else really into the sneaker trend lately? I swear I think I’ve purchased like three or four pairs lately, and I have every intention of wearing them with just about everything this spring and summer.

What’s your go-shoe in the summer? Share it below or stop by my Instagram page and leave a comment on my most recent photo!

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Grove Collaborative: Peonies Please!

This post is sponsored by my favorite delivery service for natural and organic cleaning and beauty products, Grove Collaborative! Be sure to read all the way through to find out how you can receive a free gift from Grove when place your first order of $20 or more…

Having a sick baby is truly the worst thing ever. Having a sick baby every other week is just down right unbearable. That was the case with Beckett when she was in daycare. For whatever reason (and I certainly don’t fault the daycare), our child picked up every single illness that went around at her daycare. She had colds every other week, stomach bugs, the flu twice and after about 4 months, Joe and I had enough and pulled her out of daycare. Knock on wood, she hasn’t been sick since, but that experience turned Joe and I into complete clean freaks.

Prior to having Beckett, I would never classify Joe nor me as a clean freak. The house was always nice and tidy, but we weren’t steam cleaning our floors every other day, and wiping every surface with cleaner, multiple times a day. Even after having Beckett, I swore I wouldn’t turn into a clean freak, cleaning frantically and constantly. Not that there is anything wrong with the mothers who do that. Trust me, I am an avid supporter of all moms doing what they think is best for their children. I just didn’t want to reinvent the wheel with parenting and I wanted to keep on, keeping on – ya know? But after seeing our child sick dozens of times, I turned into a crazy person and now Joe and I clean non-stop.

And frankly the one pitfall to cleaning constantly is the smell. Ugh! I can’t stand the smell of harsh cleaning chemicals in my house. I am very sensitive to smells (poor Joe – every time he buys a new candle or air freshener I make him get rid of it because my nose cannot handle certain scents!), so it’s important to find a great smelling cleaning product, that isn’t full of harsh chemicals, but also actually cleans.

Enter in Grove Collaborative. I remember reading about this company because of my obsession with Lauren Conrad (but seriously, who isn’t obsessed with her?!). I remember thinking – what a brilliant idea! I mean, the only time I ever walk down the cleaning aisle of any store is because I ran out of what I was already using at home. The beauty of Grove is that their recurring shipments are flexible, all products are natural and its super affordable.

So I gave them a try and they shipped me a set of Mrs. Meyers brand hand soap, dish soap, hand lotion and multi-surface spray in scent Geranium and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s the most lovely floral scent (not too strong, but strong enough that your house smells of fresh flowers – one scent my nose will never be upset about!).

Now through March 18th they are offering you guys a Mrs. Meyers collection of hand soap, dish soap, multi-surface spray (in any of the 3 limited edition scents: Peony, Lilac and Mint), plus the cutest kitchen towel (we have 2 in our house and we love them!), free shipping and a VIP trial with any $20 purchase. When I first signed up, I was able to easily hit the $20 dollar minimum with things I already needed, like toilet paper, beauty supplies, baby stuff, etc. ANNNNDDD you guys, I just received my Peony collection in the mail and it smells even better than I could have imagined! 

So don’t wait — Mrs. Meyer’s mint, peony, and lilac are limited-edition scents, and these kits always go fast! Here’s how to get yours:

  1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here.
  2. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive your first box within a few days.
  3. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

Comment below once you receive your first shipment and tell me which scent you chose!



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Life Happens, Pizza Helps

Pizza T-Shirt (Size Small) | Forever 21 Jacket (Size Small) | Distressed Denim (old, similar here) | Plaid Button Down (old, similar here) | Red Sneakers (Size 6) | Red Lip (Fight Free-Redicals) | Stacked Bracelets 

Let’s just talk about pizza for a second. Hand’s down, it’s one of my favorite foods and is probably pretty high on the list of best foods ever (behind McDonalds French fries, ice cream and mashed potatoes of course). It’s one of those foods I could eat every single day, with pretty much any topping and I would enjoy it. Matter of fact, Joe and I just had some veggie pizza from Lou Malnati’s (Chicago classic!) on Friday and I wouldn’t be surprised if we order pizza again mid-weekish 🙂

Does that make us super unhealthy? Probably. But like my shirt says, life happens, pizza helps.

To work off some calories from a few too many slices of deep dish this weekend, Joe and I took Beckett to this playground down the street from where we live. She hated it. Or she hated the colder temperatures. We’re not really sure, but it was 44 degrees, so it felt like a heat wave to us. So we stayed long enough for me to quickly relive my childhood days by swinging, sliding and being silly.

Oh to be young and a child again? When you’re biggest concern is what Santa is bringing for Christmas and there are no bills, no jobs and no counting calories and pizza slices. Sometimes it’s okay to just be a kid every once in a while. Life isn’t so serious that we need to be in a constant state of stress (I’m preaching to myself too!).

So in an effort to really step back and enjoy life a little more, here are some tips to being a little more relaxed and carefree:

  1. Do something fun, everyday!

Not only did I swing at a playground for the first time in years this weekend, but I also played a Playstation video game for the first time in a Really. Long. Time. Maybe I’m a little bit nerdy, but Joe and I played a soccer game, and while I had no idea what I was doing, I laughed and loved every single minute of it.

  1. Be Yourself

What’s that quote from Dr. Suess?

“Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

There is nothing more exhausting then trying to be someone you’re not, or living in fear of not being yourself. Dance in public, sing when the urge hits, wear clothes however you damn well please. The lesson here is to be the version of yourself that is true to your core. And love every minute of it!

  1. Look at life through the eyes of a child

This is maybe a little easier if you actually have a child, but since Beckett was born it’s truly inspiring to see how she looks at the world. The dogs are her favorite things on earth. She laughs and plays with them constantly, and truly enjoys every second of being with them. As an adult, it’s sometimes hard to remember the love and joy of everything in life, like my child has. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, mundane activities (I need to let the dogs out, fill their water bowl, take them for a walk, etc.) instead of just truly enjoying their presence and the excitement and happiness they bring to our lives.

  1. Say no

Joe and I are both people pleasers. No matter how swamped, busy, or exhausted, the answer is always yes. And that is a constant struggle. Saying yes to everything and everyone not only stretches Joe and I to the absolute max, but it leaves us stressed out and too tired to enjoy anything. Remember, it’s okay to say no every once in a while. You don’t have to take part in every single plan, activity, work assignment, etc.

  1. Cry it out

Kids cry all the time. Literally, all the time! Last week, Becektt cried because I wouldn’t let her lick the dog. And then again because I wouldn’t let her stand in her carseat. And then again because I wouldn’t let her eat my phone. (Side note: maybe my child cries a lot?!??). Anyway, she cries for like 10 seconds, and then she’s on to the next activity where she laughs and squeals and has the time of her life. So I’m just going to start crying and not apologizing for it. Pregnancy made me super sensitive and now I cry all the time anyway. So instead of trying to hold it back, I’m just going to let it out!

  1. Eat what you want

Sure, I probably can’t live off ice cream and pizza, but it’s okay to indulge in some of things you love every once in a while. Everything in moderation!

Happy Monday loves!

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Surprise, Surprise – More Pearls

Pearl Top (Small) | Tulle Skirt (Size 4) | Velvet Tie Heels (Size 5.5) | Bangle Bracelet (Sold Out – Similar Here) | Blush Pink Cross Body (Old – New Style Here) | Tie Bracelets (Layering Gold & Rose Gold)| YSL Lipstick (Color: 09)

Surprise y’all – it’s more pearls, ha! If you caught my last blog post then you know my obsession with small little white beads, or beautiful elegant little pearls as I like to call them, is real. I have a few tops and a lovely pair of sneakers with pearls on them, and I just saw one of my favorite bloggers sporting a pair of pearl jeans (STOP.EVERYTHING.). So it’s no surprise that I would feature two posts back to back with similar tops. I just couldn’t resist!

In other news, if you saw my Instagram story today, then you know I got into a fight with a stationary bike and the bike won, leaving me with a very sore and bruised nose. Maybe it’s my fault for storing both a dog cage AND a stationary bike in my closest (don’t ask), but nevertheless – I’m not feeling my best right now and pearls make everything better! Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m giving up coffee for Lent (well that and holding grudges!) and I got a head start by giving up coffee yesterday. So maybe the lack of caffeine is to blame. 

Whatever the reason, I can tell you that I still have a headache and I’m wiped from no coffee – so this is all you get today 🙂

Happy Tuesday loves!

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