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And the Oscar Goes To…

Awards season has come to an end, but not without some stunning beauties on the red carpet last night. If you are looking to see Dakota Johnson at the top of my best dressed list…guess again. Aside from the fact I didn’t care much for the one shoulder red gown, her attitude and personality during the red carpet interview was as disappointing as her ponytail. To me, one of the best things a celebrity can wear on the red carpet is a smile. It’s the one thing a designer or jeweler can’t give you and it either makes or breaks the look….so read on to see which celebs I thought were the total package last night!
Lady Gaga
Who knew Lady Gaga was so stunning when she isn’t wearing an egg as a dress?! And her performance for the Sound of Music…say what?! She blew me away last night. Not only with her gorgeously structured white piece of art, but with her vocals during her performance. She could have done without the red leather gloves, but it wouldn’t be Lady Gaga without a little twist, right? 
Sienna Miller
I imagine I’ll be spending all next weekend trying to figure out how to duplicate Sienna Miller’s hairdo at the Oscars. I loved it! It was young, but appropriate and most likely needed, due to yesterday’s weather. Put that blonde braided hair with this navy and black lace gown, and her blue eyes… It’s too much for me to handle!
Reese Witherspoon
I love her…literally everything about her. She is so inspirational to young women, on top of being an absolute beauty. This white gown with the black details looked stunning on her and despite last night’s rain, I appreciate that she wore her hair down. She looked classic, timeless and perfect.  
Rosamund Pike
 Do I even need to write a caption as to why Rosamund Pike is on my best dressed list? Her red lace gown on her perfectly pale complexion was to die for. I loved her in Gone Girl, but that movie did her no justice for how beautiful she looked last night. Oh and good for her for not rocking an absurd amount of jewels. The dress spoke for itself and I appreciated she didn’t clutter it with too much jewelry.  
Emma Stone
 And the award for best dressed goes to….without a doubt, Emma Stone. Her look was perfection. From the backless gown, to the fun color, to the sequins, to her hair and her gorgeous orangish lip. Her (and her stylist) nailed it last night! And can I just say how humble she is when she speaks?! Yep, she definitely stole my heart last night…and I want to steal that dress!
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