About Me

Hello there lovely!

It appears that you’ve stumbled upon the ‘About Me’ page of the blog…which I’ll have you know was the most difficult part of starting this journey! Funny right? Who knew typing up a blurb about yourself would prove to be so time consuming?

Well either way, my name is Jessica Lynna and I am flattered you have expressed an interest in getting to know me! Hopefully I can live up to your expectations and hopefully those expectations aren’t set too high lol.  Nevertheless I am a Chicago transplant from the great state of Kentucky (#BBN). I moved to Chicago about 5 years ago with big dreams and a big closet (which proved problematic because real estate in Chicago is $$$$). So while my closet may have downsized, my dreams have not and I keep busy working full-time as a Employee Engagement Manager during the day, and blogging, writing freelance and being a mother and wife at night.


Fashion is a big part of my life, but it isn’t my whole life, so I guess I will take this opportunity to tell you more about my loves, my deal breakers and my current obsessions.
1. God
2. My family
3. My Husband Joe & my beautiful daughter, Beckett
4. My fur babies Ronaldo & Wrigley
5. Ice Cream (of every variety)
6. Coffee
7. Fresh blooms
8. Warm weather
9. Vacations (even the idea of taking one is exciting!)
10. The color grey
11. Calligraphy
12. The sound of a harmonica
13. Home decor
14. All sports
Deal Breakers:
1. Poor customer service
2. Bad manners (eww. gross)
3. Grammatical errors (especially if I make them!)
4. The word moist (typing it is equally as gross – take my word for it)
5. Rain
6. Revolving Doors
7. Flips flops (of the rubber variety)
Current Obsessions:
1. Chipotle’s Veggie Bowl (Mmmm…guacamole)
2. Home Decor
3. Everything with a fruit print (includes, but not limited to, clothing, bags, jewelry, the actual fruit, etc.)
4. Lipstick (I’m not sure this one ever really goes away)
5. YouTube Hair Tutorials
6. Outfits with T-shirts (so trendy right now – and did I forget to mention – SO comfy!)
7. Fashion bloggers!
Any other questions, please feel free to ask!
Jessica Lynna