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new parents cord blood banking decision
new parents cord blood banking decision


new parents cord blood banking decision
I know I’ve been writing a lot about mommyhood on the blog lately, but let’s be honest – I’m not the most fashionable right now wearing pajamas with spit up pasted on them. Nothing prepares you for becoming a parent. And to think, before I had Beckett I was convinced I would blog every day and start a second business, all the while cooking and cleaning every day. Joe was going to come home from work every day to the perfect little trophy home, with his trophy wife and trophy daughter.
So far during my maternity leave I’ve watched countless episodes of friends, have gone more than 24 hours without changing from pajamas, and once I forgot to brush my teeth until after 1:00pm…yeah I know – that’s completely disgusting but I pride myself and this blog on keeping things real, so there’s some real expectations from a real parent…you know, the stuff you don’t really hear.
You know something else you don’t really hear about? Cord Blood Banking. Yea, I know what you’re thinking – what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is cord blood banking?  To be honest, I had no idea what cord blood banking was either, until I got pregnant and I didn’t really learn about cord blood until I got to that ‘chapter‘ in my pregnancy read along book. And again, being completely honest here, that chapter of the book came WAY too late in my pregnancy for Joe and I to discuss and decide upon prior to Beckett’s birth.Joe and I first read about cord blood banking about 2 weeks prior to finding out we’d be induced. Truthfully, we wish we would have read about it sooner into my pregnancy, so we could have better understood the process, the costs and then weighed the pros and cons. Instead, we felt so rushed with everything that happened in the last few weeks, we ended up not doing a lot of things we would have liked. I mean we didn’t even get maternity photos taken (gasp)…I guess 40 weeks (in my case, 36 weeks) goes by faster than you think.

So with July being Cord Blood Awareness Month, it’s my hope that I can educate at least one person about cord blood banking, so that he or she can make an educated decision that is right for them and their family, without being rushed or unprepared when the big day comes. So let’s start with the basics – cord blood banking is the process of collecting the leftover blood  from the umbilical cord after birth and banking/storing it for the possibility of future medical use. Right now, the stem cells from the cord blood are being used in treatments for a broad range of diseases, such as blood disorders, cancers, immune disorders and metabolic disorders.  While the thought of a newborn baby or child being anything other than perfect is unimaginable and unfair, the reality is families everywhere have benefitted from cord blood banking. To learn more about the process such as costs, and more specific details, please check out CBR’s website by clicking here.

Should Joe and I decide to have another child in the future (oh my god, I can’t even fathom a second child right now <insert frazzled and stressed emoji face here>) we would definitely consider cord blood banking. Maybe the next time around, we will be a little more prepared too…but then again, Joe and I thrive when things are a little – hectic. ?


xoxo, Jessica

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