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5 Blazers To Have In Your Closet

Floral Blazer (Size 0) | White Button Down (Size Small) | Black Bow (Similar here) | Denim (Size 25) | Black OTK Boots (Size 6)

Blazers aren’t a staple in my wardrobe, so the few that are hanging in my closet each have a unique and specific purpose (unlike the hundreds of pairs of shoes I have in there lol).

If you’re struggling with incorporating blazers into your day-to-day style, then today’s post is for you! I’m sharing the 5 different blazers I’ve invested in over the years, their purpose and different ways to style them. I’m also helping you figure out which blazers are worth the splurge ($$$) and which are worth the steal ($).

1. Black Blazer ($$$)

Every single person on planet earth (including men) should own a black blazer. They’re professional if you need them for work (a job interview, a business professional meeting, a work conference, etc.) but they’re still chic enough that you can throw a t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans and look put together on the weekends. If you’re splurging on a blazer, this is the one to do it for. You’ll be surprised how many times you end up wearing it, and you’ll want a higher quality to withstand the amount of wear. For this blazer, I’d typically style it with black pants or a pencil skirt for work, and these boyfriend jeans and tennis shoes for the weekend. 


2. Tweed Blazer ($)

I can’t think of a tweed blazer and not think of pearls and Chanel. Who doesn’t love that combination, right? Tweed blazers are the Jackie Kennedy and Kate Middleton’s of the world, and they’re reserved for those times that I need to present myself as a classic and timeless lady. Sometimes that involves work functions, sometimes that involves events such as baby showers, and sometimes that involves charity events. When you want to look fashionable, but classy – pull out the tweed blazer. I would typically wear these with work dresses, silk tops and bows. Lots and lots of bows.


3. Plaid Blazer ($)

I’m from Kentucky, so equestrian and preppy style can sometimes be second nature to me. If I’m feeling extra preppy and it’s Fall, you’ll find me in brown riding boots and a blazer (preferably one with elbow patches). These preppy outfits are typically reserved for day dates (back when Joe and I had those lol!), or casual outfits when the temperatures drop. Like I said, I’ll wear these types of blazers with riding boots, turtlenecks or classic button downs.


4. White Blazer ($$)

This is the second most worn blazer in my closet. I wear it instead of a cardigan (I’m not much of a button up, cardigan type gal) and so instead I wear a white blazer over sun dresses, pastel tops and on occasion the spring/summer sweater. This is also the blazer I’ll pair with shorts since I’m really only wearing this blazer when temperatures rise. Try styling a white blazer with a floral sundress (like this one) or shorts such as these!


5. The Showstopper Blazer ($ – $$$)

Yep, the showstopper blazer is just that – a showstopper. I wear this one interchangeably through many of the events/circumstances I mentioned above (like work, or PR events), but this is also the blazer I’d put on for a date night with some leather pants or a cute jumpsuit. When you want to make an entrance, exit, or a lasting impression, break out the showstopper blazer J This is the one blazer that also has no price specifications, because those unique, one of a kind pieces are sometimes a steal and sometimes they’re more of a splurge. This particular blazer …let’s not talk about it, just in case Joe is reading 🙂


Have a go-to blazer that isn’t listed above? Share it below and don’t forget to include styling tips!


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