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3 Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

Let me begin by saying that I have always wanted to try hair extensions. Not for length or even really thickness (I actually have pretty thick hair as it is), but because everyone that wears hair extensions has the most beautiful head of hair that I couldn’t help being envious. So for the last two years, I’ve debated whether or not to cave and buy clip in extensions (I don’t do well with anything that is permanent-ish, so it was important to me that I could wear them when I wanted and store then away for when I didn’t).

I’ll be honest, shopping for extensions is SOOOO hard because no matter what description or color is used through a website, you just can’t guarantee an exact match when you receive them in the mail. And this stopped me time and time again from pulling the trigger and buying extensions. I mentioned in this post how my hair isn’t quite naturally blonde, but not quite naturally brown, and rather this very difficult in-between color. And I highlight my hair (like once every 6 months or so) so I generally felt like my hair was never consistently one color and certainly not a color that would be easy to match. With that, I finally just accepted that any extensions I got would most likely need to go with me to my next hair appointment and be matched.

After that realization, I did some research and finally landed upon Glam Seamless Hair Extensions. I’ll be honest, I was incredibly fortunate to be able to partner with this company, but part of why I love them so much and why I agreed to the collaboration was because of one little detail: they’ll ship you a color ring with hair color samples of all the extensions straight to your home so you can ensure an exact match prior to ordering!

Fast forward roughly 3 weeks later, and I’ve been playing with my extensions quite a bit. When I first got them I was entirely clueless on what to do. Where do I put these in my head? Am I supposed to use all these wefts?  How can I put my hair in a ponytail? Why isn’t my natural hair disguising these? To be honest, I spent a lot of time on google and trial and error to get the process that works best for me. In an attempt to save you those endless hours of YouTube rabbit holes, here are the 3 biggest tips I have for any newbies or hair extension wearers in general:

You don’t have to use all the wefts or even the biggest sized wefts in the pack

Ohhh, this is truly that one that got me. I mean, 7 pieces come in the pack, so logically it would make sense that you need to use all 7 pieces…WRONG! Even though I have pretty thick hair, it carries a fine texture so I just couldn’t hide all 7 wefts in my hair and attempting to find a way to make it work was super frustrating. Finally I came to understand that it’s okay not to use every single weft that comes with your purchase. ANNNNDDD, the largest weft (my largest one has 5 clips and is supposed to go from ear to ear) just didn’t work for me. I tend to part my hair and wear it on my shoulders around my face. With a weft this large it was easily noticeable in the back when I parted my hair – no bueno! Instead, I use roughly 5 of the wefts, and really love the ones that are only two clips. For my hair type, those are the easiest to disguise!

Don’t place the wefts as close to your scalp as possible.

Again, in my logical brain I’m clipping something into my hair and it would make sense to place it as close to my scalp as possible. Yea no – don’t do that. Frankly it hurts and made them so much more difficult to maintain. Instead, place them roughly half an inch away from your scalp, which makes them more manageable and easier to disguise. Also, if you’re afraid they’ll slip out of your hair if you don’t place them at your scalp, just give your hair a little texture spray or dry shampoo (loving this one and this one) so the wefts have a little grit to hold on to.

Place extensions in your hair first, then curl/straighten and style

Again, maybe I’m just stupid here, but when I first got these I curled my hair, then put in the extensions and curled those. It was the most unnatural and cumbersome process that I swore I’d never wear the extensions again. Well being that I’m generally just overly dramatic, I came around after a day or so and found that the more I played around with them, the more comfortable I became treating them just like my own hair. So the last couple of times I’ve worn them, I put them in my hair first, then curled or straightened all my hair at once. To me, this makes the extensions look so much more blended and realistic.

I’m by no means an expert here, but hopefully these tricks help if you are on the quest to conquer the hair extension world. Do you wear extensions? Do you have other tips, tricks or cheats for wearing them? Share your thoughts below!

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